About the Duston-Dustin Family Association

This website is the home of the Duston-Dustin Family Association. The Duston-Dustin Family Association was organized October 14, 1905 at the Center Congregational Church of Haverhill, and was originally called the Dustin Historical Genealogical Society of Haverhill.

The notice for the first meeting was written in June, 1905, by Mrs. Mary Dustin P. Watson, then a resident of Oakland, California, and sent to about one hundred and fifty descendants of Thomas and Hannah Duston. She was urged, some ten or twelve years before, by her sister, Ruth Dustin Taylor, wife of Daniel Taylor of North Salem, New Hampshire, to organize a Dustin Association and to print the record she then had. But she waited, thinking someone else would, and believing that others were interested who would assist as soon as someone took the lead.

In the notice sent out in June, she said there would be a meeting of the descendants of Thomas and Hannah Dustin on October 14, 1905. She came from California, and hired the vestry of the Congregational church on Main Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and had another notice of the meeting printed by Chase Brothers, and sent out to all whose address she had; also had a notice of the meeting in the Haverhill paper, as well as several others in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Mrs. Dustin Watson wrote and had printed and paid all expenses of postage and place of meeting and entertained at the Bartlett Hotel, Main Street, a score of descendants, and was more than paid by the hearty cooperation of many of the descendants she had not before heard of or known.

The Family Association has continued to meet every year in Haverhill since that time, occasionally changing its place of meeting.

The latest version of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Duston-Dustin Family Association can be found here.