2019 Genealogist’s Report

I have continued to update the draft genealogy books created by my predecessor Chris Bailey. The first volume, which covers Generations 1 through 5, is in fairly good shape, but it will need some editing before publishing it in book form.

In my review of Generations 6 and 7, I have uncovered quite a few missing family members. These people don’t appear in Chris Bailey’s draft, or in the old generation booklets that were one of his primary sources of information. The number of missing individuals seems to increase with each succeeding generation.

This is entirely understandable, because many of the sources that I’ve been using weren’t available at the time Chris was compiling his draft. The constant release of new online sources of genealogical data has me to add new people, and to fill in some of the blanks for individuals who were already in our records. 

I am now halfway through Generation 7, and I am finding about a third more individuals, particularly in Canada. The family tree that I’ve been using to store this information now includes about 8,100 individuals.

I have also continued to maintain the Duston-Dustin Family Association website that I created. It’s fairly rudimentary right now, and only shows meeting notices and minutes.

I think we should think how we want to publish our family data. We could continue to publish all of it in books sold by the DDFA, or we could post some of it online.