2013 Genealogist’s Report

Over the course of the past year, I have continued to work on the updated Duston-Dustin genealogy that I inherited from my predecessor, Chris Bailey.

The information in this new genealogy originally came from the booklets that were first published by the Family Association many years ago. Chris spent many years filling in missing information, correcting any errors found in the booklets, and locating original sources to prove (or disprove) the information that came from the earlier genealogy.

Chris has done an extraordinary job in creating this work. It consists of 9 volumes, each of which contains hundreds of pages of information about the Duston-Dustin family. I’m quite certain that thousands of hours of work went into producing it.

My own efforts have focused on the first volume, which like the old booklets covers the first five generations starting with our immigrant ancestor, Thomas Duston. I have continued to add new sources, which are happily becoming much more readily available as digitized documents that have been published online. My goal is to get the first volume of the updated genealogy ready for publication as soon as possible.

I have also created this website, which I hope will be useful in publicizing the work of the Family Association, and perhaps help to increase attendance at our annual meetings. I will continue to update this site with new articles as time permits.

Craig Richardson, Genealogist
Duston-Dustin Family Association
July, 2012
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